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Amlesh Singh Had Conversation With Akhilesh Singh And Met Him In Delhi

Amlesh Singh Is Being Interrogated By City S.P Prashant Anand And Two Other D.S.P

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Jamshedpur,11 September 2017 :Few Days Ago Amlesh Singh Said That He Is Not In Touch With Akhilesh Singh

Amlesh Singh was caught at bhubaneswar airport on thursday , After his arrest he told that he has no contact with his brother Akhilesh Singh since long time.

But Police disclosed something else after interrogation

According to the police , Amlesh Singh was in contact with his brother Akhilesh singh and used to have voice conversation with him .It is also being said that last time he met his brother in New Delhi.

Amlesh singh disclosed 8 names to the police who are involved in his network .

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