Akhilesh Singh’s Brother Amlesh Singh Arrested At Airport

Amlesh Singh Arrested At Bhubaneswar Airport.

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Jamshedpur,9 September 2017 : Gangster Akhilesh Singh's Brother Amlesh Singh  Was Arrested At Bhubaneswar Airport On Thursday.

Amlesh Singh boarded an Air India flight from Bengaluru airport at 03:00 pm and reached Bhubaneswar at 05:00 pm.

Jamshedpur Police got the information once Amlesh Singh Boarded the Flight at Bengaluru, It was due to the brilliant efforts of Jamshedpur police and the proper communication and understanding between Jamshedpur and Bhubaneswar Police which made this arrest possible. Jamshedpur police knew that they could not reach bhubaneswar airport before Amlesh's flight so they contacted bhubaneswar police and gave them details about Amlesh identification.

Amlesh was then arrested at Bhubaneswar Airport . Amlesh Will be presented in Bhubaneswar court before being handed over to Jamshedpur Police.

There are more than dozen criminal case are registered on the name of Amlesh and his brother Akhilesh Singh.