Only 1 Teacher For 365 Students in a School – This Happens Only In Jharkhand

Protesters : Will Not Return Without Teachers

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Jamshedpur,16 September 2017 : Project High School of Barambo Village, Saraikela has Only 1 Teacher

Project High School of Barambo Village, Sariakela have only one teacher whereas there are almost 137 students in class 9 and 177 students in class 10.

Applications were sent to the authorities requesting appointment of new teacher since last two month but only negligence was earned through those applications

On Friday Pramod Mishra & Paritosh Singh of Youth Congress with other Youth congress members and students protested outside the school and demanded immediate appointment of teachers.

After 2 hours long protest Alka Singh of District Education visited the school and has promised to appoint 2 teahers within 10 days .

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