TMH old age queue

No More Queue For Old Age People In T.M.H

Download Our Android App: Tatanagar Live Jamshedpur 24 Jul 2019:  No more queue in T.M.H for Old Age People. Now old age people don’t need an appointment to consult a doctor in T.M.H. Moreover they even don’t need to go through the queue for Pharmacy, Pathology, Lab, Cash Counter, and report collection. This facility is […]

M G M hospital

Saryu Roy : Either Improve Or Lock Down M.G.M Hospital

Minister of Food and Supply Department, Saryu Roy have asked the health minister Ramchandra Raghuvanshi to either improve the hospital condition or lock it down. Saryu Roy has earlier shown concern towards M.G.M hospital and made statements against the poor condition of the hospital. One or other incident of mismanagement, patients not getting treatment, unavailability […]

tata cancer hospital india

23.5 Acres Of Land Approved To Tata For Cancer Hospital In Ranchi

Jamshedpur 8 Aug 2018: Cabinet approved 23.5 acres of land to Tata for a cancer hospital in Ranchi. This land in Rinpas, Ranchi has been allocated at Rs 1 for 30 years to Tata trust. The construction of this hospital will start as soon as legal procedures are done and it will take about 18 -24 […]

Jamshedpur Witnessed The Lowest Temperature Yesterday, Death Count Increased

Jamshedpur Witnessed The Lowest Temperature Yesterday Temperature Reached A low Of 6.3 Degree Celsius , Death Count Increased Jamshedpur 9 January 2018 : On Monday 8th January Jamshedpur witnessed the lowest temperature of 6.3 degree . Till now,this was the coldest days of winter this year. The maximum temperature was 25 degree celsius and lowest […]

ICMR – Comparison To Kerala, Life In Jharkhand Is 10 Years Shorter

Comparison To Kerala, Life In Jharkhand Is 10 Years Shorter Jamshedpur, 15 December 2017 : Comparison To Kerala, Life In Jharkhand Is 10 Years Shorter, According to a survey conducted by ICMR(Indian Council Of Medical Research) , People in Jharkhand live 10 year less. The average life of a female in Kerala is 78.7 years […]

Mango To Get First E-Toilet of Jharkhand

First E -Toilet Of Jharkhand At Mango,Jamshedpur To Download Tatanagar Live Android App Click here. Jamshedpur,17 September 2017 : Mango Notified Area Committee is Planning to lay down 2 E- Toilets Soon   Mango Notified Area Committee is planning to soon lay down 2 e-toilet at mango , These will be the first e-toilet of the […]

If Your Are Depressed Call 1800-345-1849 Instead Of Playing Blue Whale Game

1 Minute Call To Change Your Life  To Download Tatanagar Live Android App Click here. Jamshedpur,10 September 2017 : C.I.P has its own help line number to help the depressed. 1800-345-1849 Dr Sanjay Singh Munda Associate Professor of C.I.P.F said that last year they have received more than 1500 calls from depressed peoples in which 300 […]

New Cancer Hospital In M.G.M College

New Cancer Hospital With A Capacity Of 50 Beds In M.G.M HospitalTo Download Tatanagar Live Android App Click here.Please Update OLD Tatanagar Live Android APP to receive Daily Notification and NewsJamshedpur, 17 December 2016 : Goverment announced good news for cancer patient , Central Government announced to open a new cancer hospital with a capacity of […]

It’s undeniable: mobile phones are killing us

 To Download Tatanagar Live Android App Click here.  Jamshedpur,28  Nov : Take your hand off it for a moment. Please. Hard to do, I know. The damn thing is the bane of my existence as well. It’s like being the better half of an evil siamese twin. No matter where you go it’s always with you, nagging, […]