Jharkhand Steps Down To 12th Position In Ease Of Doing Business

Jharkhand Ranked 3rd In Ease Of Doing Business Back In 2015

Jamshedpur ,8 December 2017 : Jharkhand Steps Down from 5th to 12th Position . In Ease Of Doing Business ,Jharkhand Now Ranks In 12th Position In Ease Of Doing Business as per D.I.P.P

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Jharkhand which earlier ranked in the 3rd Position in 2015 for Ease Of Doing Business has now stepped down to 7th position in 206 and now has further stepped down to  12th position.

The final ranking has not been released yet, it will be released in february 2018 but this ranking is disclosed by Department Of Industrial Planning And Promotion (D.I.P.P)

According to current data released by D.I.P.P, Haryana ranks the first, Telangana second and Gujrat 3rd.

5th position which was earlier held by Jharkhand in 2015 has now taken by Rajasthan.

7th position which was held by Jharkhand in 2016 is now taken By Maharastra.

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