Direct Flights From Jamshedpur To Kolkata, Ranchi And Bhubaneswar Now Available

Now You Can Fly Directly From Jamshedpur To Kolkata, Ranchi And Bhubaneswar By The End OF This Month.

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Update 16 Feb 2018: Airline Service Started In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur,4 October  2017 : Jamshedpur To Get Air Connectivity By The End Of October

Jamshedpur will get air connectivity by the end of this month, Flights will be available from Sonari Airport .Initially direct connectivity will be provided to nearby cities including Ranchi , Kolkata and bhubaneswar and planned to add more cities later on .

Thes Flight are 100% confirmed by the end of this month as these will be required by the players of the ISL who would be staying at the new guest house built in Kadma .

These arrangements are made under the government scheme "udaan".  Under this scheme Dhanbad, Deoghar,Dumka, Palamau, Bokaro and Hazaribagh will soon get air connectivity. 

 Secretary of Municipal Aircraft Minister , R.N Choubey had a video conference with Chief Secretary of Jharkhand Rajwala Verma and D.C Amit Kumar and discussed to start the facilities by the end of this month.

D.C has already submitted the report that Sonari Airport is completely ready for commercial flight services.

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    • The Charges Are Not Declared Yet , But few rules have been made to keep it minimum and government is also providing subsidy to reduce the rate

    • Charges are not disclosed yet, But it is being said that government will provide subsidy and rules will be made to keep the charges low

    • Not Confirmed about the charges yet, it is being said that government will provide subsidy and new rules will be formed to keep the charges low

  1. Connectivity to long distance cities would be more beneficial. Add Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai to get better results.

  2. Good for all, who has some important work some times serious patient or some one short times leaves some one coming their home for short or long period or coming on vacation from gulf country.wish you all the best for this.

    • The Fares will be reasonable as government is forming some new rules to keep the air fare low, moreover the government will also provide subsidy to keep the fare low

  3. It will be nice if it connects to all metro cities, but this is for temporary or will continue in future also.

  4. Good. These are the plans what people are waiting for the long Time… Very good ND Thanks.. But it should be regular..🙏

  5. it’s a very good news but I suggest jamshdpur to bangalore flight is very essential…&I want to know about the fare jsr to Kolkata

    • The Actual fares are not disclosed yet but it would be cheaper as government is providing subsidy and New Rules are made to sell the tickets at actual price and to stop the hike

  6. What is the use of starting flight to ranchi we muust have flights to all national and international routes, after all why is this discrimination between metros and non metros. Why should Jsr be treated as underdeveloped nation

  7. A welcome decision. Flights to and fro from Jamshedpur to Bangalore with connections ons to Trivandrum/Chennai/Hyderabad will enhancpe better connectivity.

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