Adani Power Plant To Be Inaugurated By 1st December

Adani Power Plant Will Bring New Employment

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Jamshedpur,26 October 2017 : Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina To Be Invited For The Inauguration Of Adani Power Plant.

Adani Power plant which was supposed to be inaugurated by the end of november in Godda, may now be extended till December as Indian Prime Minister and Bangladesh Prime minister will be invited for the inauguration.

Chief Minister , Raghubar Das will himself invite them by sending letters.

C.M Raghubar Das said that the inauguration of this powerplant will create new jobs in the state .

C.M also requested the company to build 100 new schools in  Godda and Santal .

This New Adani Power Plant At Godda will improve the economic and growth of Godda . This will be a very important mark on the development of Godda and Jharkhand .

The above details were cleared after the meeting of Chief Minister Raghubar das and Rajesh Adani at Project Bhawan.

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